Why Variable Universal Life Insurance ?

Life insurance is not for the hereinafter, it is for here and now. Once used solely to ensure financial stability for our families in the future, it is now also used to preserve wealth and quality of life in the present.

As social costs continue to skyrocket, governments are forced to augment their tax-based revenues. Income and wealth taxes are therefore on the rise. Tax shelters are under intense scrutiny. Automatic exchange of information has become the norm and new legislation has rendered many traditional wealth preservation methods ineffective.

Thankfully, life insurance remains a powerful wealth preservation strategy offering tax benefits and capital protection.

By combining the qualities of a strong investment vehicle and long-term insurance coverage, Variable Universal Life (VUL) products represent the vehicle of choice for growth sheltered investments. The return on a VUL policy is linked to predefined investment benchmarks. The amount of pure insurance is determined by your planning objectives. Due to the nature of the policy, the cash value and death benefit can fluctuate according to the performance of the selected investment benchmarks.

The process is simple: a substantial portion of the policy premium is invested and appreciates in a tax sheltered environment with a reputable custodian. If and when funds are needed, you may borrow against the policy or withdraw from the policy. The borrowed or withdrawn funds are fully or partially tax-free depending on your country of residence. VUL is therefore the perfect combination between investment and life insurance protection inside a single policy.