Why choosing Amphora Life ?


Unlike large insurers offering cookie-cutter solutions, we provide customised solutions to meet the specific needs of each client.
Working closely with our clients and their legal, accounting and investment experts, we analyse each situation in depth and detail. Each insurance solution is tailored to comply with the laws of the country in which you reside with a view of taking advantage to the fullest extent possible of the tax, asset protection and other advantages afforded to life insurance.


All funds held within your insurance policy are invested in accordance with your investment objectives and the prevailing laws in your country of residence.
The investment options include a broad range of indices and funds managed by reputable third parties. Clients are also free to choose funds managed by advisors with whom they have pre-existing relationships. As a result, Amphora policies are “white label” policies and afford ultimate flexibility to their holders.


Under Barbados law, the rights and interest in a life insurance policy are exempt from seizure and execution by the creditors of the insured.
In addition, while a spouse or child of the policyholder is designated as a beneficiary of the policy, the rights and interest of the policyholder in the insurance money and in the contract are exempt from seizure and execution. Therefore, a life insurance policy affords a high level of asset protection even if the insured enjoys important contractual rights under the policy. In contrast, under a trust arrangement, asset protection can be jeopardized if the contributor holds broad powers. The ability to designate beneficiaries under a life insurance contract is another attractive feature. On the death of the insured, the insurance proceeds are remitted directly to the beneficiary and do not have to go through the estate of the insured. As a result, the insurance proceeds are not subject to probate fees and are protected against the claims of the creditors of the insured. Barbados life insurance thus constitutes an excellent alternative to a trust as a wealth preservation tool.


Despite our relatively small size, we benefit from a strong creditworthiness because we only retain a small fraction of the insurance risk on each policy and reinsure the balance with highly-rated reinsurers.
At Amphora Life, we operate in a lean and efficient manner with low overhead in a favourable tax environment. We are therefore able to offer attractive insurance rates and competitive expense charges to our customers, thereby allowing them to retain the benefits provided by life insurance vehicles.


In many cases, the tax and other benefits offered by life insurance are reduced or completely offset by the high fees charged by insurance companies.
When there is no adverse consequence under the tax legislation of the holder’s country of residence, policy investments are held in a separate account that is segregated from the general assets of Amphora Life and are not chargeable with any liability arising from any other business of Amphora Life. We therefore ensure minimum risk exposure and maximum investment security to our clients.


As a Barbados insurance company, we benefit from a network of tax treaties that generally reduce or eliminate capital gains taxes and withholding taxes on interest, dividends and other income, thereby increasing after-tax returns on policy funds.
In addition, each policy is structured in order to minimize or eliminate taxes on the accumulating fund and the death benefit to the fullest extent permitted under the laws of your country of residence. VUL is therefore a powerful tool allowing you to achieve your tax and estate planning objectives.